Frequently Asked Questions

Black Walnut Venue is a unique, one of a kind wedding destination with flexible options for you to choose from.

Some of our frequently asked questions

How many people can we invite to our wedding?

Black Walnut Venue has many options when it comes to outdoor ceremony options, allowing a varying number of guests.

Are we able to visit the venue?

We are more than happy to show you around Black Walnut - so please contact us to make an appointment to visit.

How do guests get there?

We are based in Pahoia - not far from Te Puna in Tauranga. Once you make contact with us we can provide all the address and details for you and your guests to visit. We have ample parking for guests cars, or alternatively Bus services can be arranged through one of our preferred vendors.

What about accommodation?

There are a number of options that we can supply you with during your appointment or visit. There are also a number of Bed and breakfast and boutique accommodation options very nearby.

What about Catering and Drinks?

We can provide more information about this when we meet - but we have a list of preferred suppliers and a stunning refreshment area set up in our black barn. There is also as a state of the art commercial kitchen on site.


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Our Wedding Venue is now establised and ready for you. We invite you to make an appointment to vist us and see just how stunning this area is. Please use the form below to get in touch.

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